Soma Oil & Gas signed the Seismic Option Agreement (SOA) with the Republic of Somalia on 6 August 2013.

Under the SOA, Soma Oil & Gas committed to:

  • Gathered & evaluated prior geological data, seismic and wells, and studies;
  • Acquired  20,500 km of 2D seismic over 185,000 km2 offshore Somalia;
  • Processed acquired seismic support the building of a data room in Mogadishu;
  • Support the building of a Data Room in Mogadishu; and
  • Deliver all data gathered, acquired and processed to the Federal Government with the right to apply for Production Sharing Agreements covering up to 60,000 kilometers.

Soma Oil & Gas has completed all its obligations and delivered all legacy data gathered and Soma’s acquired & processed 20,500 kilometers of 2D Seismic data at the opening ceremony of the Somali Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources new Office and Data Room in Mogadishu on 9th December 2015.

The Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources have appointed Spectrum ASA to market this data on their behalf.

Acknowledgement of Completion 9 December 2015 Additional Capacity Building Arrangements
Notice of Data Delivery 9 December 2015 Akin Gump Capacity Building Memorandum
Data room in Mogadishu  17 August 2015  Letter to the United Nations Security Council