Shareholders in Soma Oil & Gas Holdings Limited (Company No. 08506858)

Soma Oil & Gas Exploration Limited and Soma Management Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of Soma Oil & Gas Holdings Limited (“Soma Oil & Gas” or the “Company”):

Shareholders  Shares (millions) (%)
Winter Sky Investments Limited 93.5 51.5%
Soma Oil & Gas Limited BVI 66.5 36.6%
Aidan Hartley 10.0 5.5%
Lord Howard of Lympne CH, QC 7.0 3.9%
Robert Sheppard 2.0 1.1%
Philip Wolfe 1.5 0.8%
Doma Investment Holding Limited 1.0 0.6%
AfroEast Energy Limited 0.0
Total 181.6 100%

Additional Disclosure

The Company confirms there are no Somali beneficial shareholders in any of the Companies that have a shareholding in Soma Oil & Gas. Furthermore, no shareholder, director or officer of Soma Oil & Gas is a nominee for or in any other way directly or indirectly connected to or obligated to any Somali individual or entity.

Winter Sky Investments Limited is owned by the Dzhaparidze Family as well as other founders and management of Eurasia Drilling Company. Georgy Dzhaparidze is a Director of Soma Oil & Gas Holdings Limited.

Soma Oil & Gas Limited BVI is owned by Basil Shiblaq, Executive Deputy Chairman and his son Iyad Shiblaq.

Lord Howard of Lympne CH, QC is the Chairman.

Robert Sheppard is a Director.

Philip Wolfe is the Chief Financial Officer.

Doma Investment Holdings Limited is owned by Peter Damouni, Company Secretary.

AfroEast Energy Limited is owned by the Ajami Family. Mohamad Ajami is a Director. AfroEast Energy Limited owns one share.

Hassan Khaire has resigned as a Director and has relinquished his entire shareholding.